Opening Doors, Opening Minds

Hostelling International-USA (HI-USA) exists to promote a greater understanding of the world and its people through low-cost, culturally aware travel called hostelling and mission-based educational programs at hostels and councils.

Hostelling is educational travel, local and global, using hostels and programs to facilitate interaction between travelers and community members, and to promote discovery of local cultures, the world, and each other.

HI-USA hostels provide safe, comfortable and affordable accommodations that open the door for cultural exchange, in local communities and abroad. Our educational programs prepare individuals for that exchange by teaching them to travel with open minds.

Hostelling helps to:

Travelers experience the ideals of hostelling every day. Today there are more than 4000 hostels worldwide, including nearly 60 in the United States. And since inception, hostels have hosted over

1.3 Billion Overnights

1.3 billion overnights since 1909. Your active support of hostelling helps us to build its scope and effectiveness.

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