Promote Global Awareness

HI-USA seeks to promote global awareness through a network of welcoming, comfortable, and affordable hostels that encourage exploration and nurture cross-cultural communications, and through programs that incorporate local culture principally. These include:

  • Hostels – Through its network of nearly 60 hostels, HI-USA offers basic communal accommodations that by their design facilitate interaction and exchange. Common rooms, shared kitchens and dormitory sleeping arrangements all encourage camaraderie for which travelers yearn. Local programs encourage interaction with community members. Find out more.
  • International exchanges – In partnership with other national hostelling associations, HI-USA sponsors exchange visits with other countries. France, Germany, Morocco and Tunisia are recent partners. The exchanges feature a curriculum that encourages participants to share their homeland and cultures, speak of their hopes and expectations and work collaboratively on activities together, while staying in youth hostels. Find out more.
  • Seminars – Travelers learn about global citizenship and explore perspectives about their own and others’ cultures and stereotypes. Seminars are offered in hostels and in public venues such as libraries and community centers. Find out more.

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