Encourage Educational Travel

HI-USA encourages educational travel through programs that promote safe, affordable and culturally-sensitive travel for all ages. These programs include information, activities and services for travelers of all experience levels. They include:

  • Programs – Young people experience hostelling before their travels ever begin. Hostels and local councils offer programs that encourage community participation. Overnight stays by local classrooms provide insights into cooperative living and cultural exchange Find out more.
  • Seminars – Travelers prepare for fun, safe and thoughtful domestic and international travel experiences. They learn about travel resources, safety tips, packing ,money management and responsible, or culturally sensitive, travel. Seminars are offered in hostels and in public venues such as libraries and community centers. Find out more.
  • Web resources – The HI-USA hostel travel web site, www.hiusa.org, is a travelers resource on hostelling and low-cost travel. It educates new travelers about hostel stays, hostel memberships, and wise travel planning. It also provides helpful links to products and services important to hostel travel. Find out more.

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