Program Partnerships

HI-USA supports the work of other nonprofit organizations through program partnerships.

HI-USA and the Girl Scouts of the United States (GSUSA) have collaborated since the 1930’s when our hostels began to provide Girl Scouts with fun and educational travel opportunities. Together we have helped generations of girls build their life skills and promote understanding.

Discover The WorldA special Discover The World Patch was jointly developed to help 11-17 year old girls become more engaged, caring world citizen while quenching their thirst to travel the world. To complete the patch, girls choose among activities that range from trip planning and interviewing international travelers, to participating in local volunteer projects.

Passport to Adventure is a learning tool full of great activities and tips to help Girl Scouts staying at hostels help interact with fellow travelers and get the most out of their travel experiences. Passports also are available to other groups using HI-USA hostels.

Getaway Packages are structured itineraries for Girl Scouts that feature hostels. They help add to the adventure of USA trips and help girls work towards meeting their personal goals.

While some are long-standing and formal relationships, other program partners are identified in our daily work. Partnerships are grown at both the local and national levels through our regional councils and our hostels.

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