Hostels provide simple, convivial surroundings. They offer basic communal accommodations that hostellers expect and that encourage camaraderie for which travelers yearn.

  • The hostel as a “neutral” place, where home country matters less than ones interest in the wider world
  • Common rooms provide space for information sharing and friendly exchange.
  • A shared kitchen enables travelers to prepare their own meals while interacting with other guests and saving money.
  • Dormitory-style rooms comfortably sleep 4-10 travelers on bunk beds.
  • Activities and outings create an atmosphere of friendship and help travelers engage with the local community.

HI-USA hostels are fun, lively meeting places, full of like-minded people. Take a tour around a virtual hostel to discover the quality facilities and services you can expect. All HI-USA hostels meet IYHF quality standards.

Part of the experience is hostel location. All over the world hostels can be found in unusual historic settings and buildings suggestive of their country, region or immediate locale. Many US hostels are historic properties , often in partnership with municipalities, governments and other charitable organizations.

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