Hosteller Outreach

Larger HI-USA hostels offer programs to introduce hostellers to each other, and to the communities in which they are staying.

Individual travelers, often on the road for weeks or even months, yearn for the community provided by a hostel. In new surroundings, individuals seem particularly open to meeting new people and experiencing new places. Larger hostels organize programs to help fill this need.

Educational and interpretative programs give hostellers a sense of the history and traditions of a hostel’s surrounding area. Programs include guided tours, guest lecturers, informative displays, maps, books and pamphlets. Knowledgeable staff and volunteers help visitors learn more about the site and the community.

Recreational and social activities are a way for hostellers to meet each other, and engage members of the community. Activities include international dinners, cookouts, visits to local museums, exhibits, sporting events, walking tours, and orientation programs. Engaging staff and volunteers lead these programs.

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