Cultural Education

Cultural education programs provide opportunities for youth and school groups to experience hostelling, both locally in their own community and as travel adventures. Young people learn the value of intercultural exchange, responsible travel, humanitarianism and community service.

  • Cultural Kitchen programs enable young people ages 8-18 to learn about a culture that is new to them, which includes researching and presenting information about a country of their choice and making an authentic meal of the chosen culture. While at a hostel, the participants interact with international travelers. Participants emerge from the program with a strengthened ability to work as a team, communicate with others, and appreciate cultural differences. Find out more.
  • Community Walls asks youth groups and school classes, “What is it like to live in your community?” They answer by investigating their community in order to use photos, drawings, stories, memorabilia, maps and other creative media to build displays that are showcased in hostels, community centers, and on web sites. Travelers and others get a unique view of what it’s like to live in their community. Find out more.

Both community based nonprofits and visiting groups from miles away take advantage of these educational opportunities. Contact individual hostels for programming offerings and scholarship opportunities.

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