How We Do It

Hostelling International USA (HI-USA) exists to promote a greater understanding of the world and its people through low-cost, culturally aware travel. We accomplish our mission by operating hostels and offering educational programming.

Hostels are simple, safe, dormitory-style accommodations operated upon the principles of community and cooperation among guests. They give travelers a “sense of place” – insights about local customs, indigenous food, history and points of interest. Facility design encourages interaction and community. In the United States there is a network of nearly 60 HI hostels. Many are historic properties, often in partnership with municipalities, governments and other charitable organizations. Worldwide there is a network of 4000 HI hostels in over 80 countries.

Educational programs are an important way that HI-USA delivers the hostelling mission. Programs may be delivered at hostels, or at other venues such as libraries and community centers. Both staff and volunteers lead programs.

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