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The money needed to keep our campaign running comes from people like you. Your donation will make all the difference. Find out more.


We have 29 chapters across the United States, each with a volunteer program. And we are recruiting individual volunteers serve as “ambassadors” to represent us in areas with no chapters. In all cases, we can use a range of skills, from presenting travel seminars to building new hostels. Many of those who work in our offices and manage our hostels today began as volunteers. Find out more.


Call for Stories

Sharing your travel experiences of personal learning and growth can invigorate you and motivate others. We publish a handful of stories on the web and in our email newsletter. But all remain part of our permanent archives. Find out more.

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We have hostels and administrative offices in different parts of the United States. We need individuals that work hard and meet the professional standards that our supporters and hostel users expect. Think you might fit the bill? Find out more.

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